The Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

by David McCullough

Trying to find the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis isn’t always easy, and while your doctor may give you a general recommendation to go out and find a “comfortable” shoe that can provide “support”, this typically isn’t enough to point you in the direction of a specific kind of running shoe.

Locating the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis only begins with a recommendation from your physician, and to make a choice that can work for your particular case you must understand that you must take into consideration a number of factors that will determine your selection.

There are all sorts of shoes for plantar fasciitis, and if you want to avoid the confusion and dismay that comes from not having a firm idea of what you need exactly it is vital that you keep in mind a few essential points.

Understanding Your Condition

First you must comprehend that every case of plantar fasciitis is different, and therefore no one running shoe is ideal for everyone. This means that you must first get a grip on your own particular condition before you go ahead with a purchase, and in doing so you will ensure that you get the results that you originally hoped for. Not only do you need to get a hold of what is going on with your condition, but you also need to gain an understanding of how your own physical characteristics will affect the type of running shoe you eventually decide to buy.

Taking both the individuality of your condition into consideration along with the pertinent physical attributes that affect your ability to wear certain kinds of running shoes will help guarantee that you get the quickest, and most efficacious treatment you possibly can with a shoe for plantar fasciitis.

To start you first need to take into account the severity of your condition, and whether or not a running shoe is appropriate for your case. Your doctor normally safeguards this, as he or she will not make a recommendation for a running shoe if your particular condition isn’t suited for the wearing of that particular type of shoe. Despite this, you will still want to make sure that you understand how your condition will both impact, and be impacted by the wearing of a running shoe.

This means that you need to determine the degree of the inflammation you are experiencing in accordance with the level of pain you are feeling on a daily basis. A running shoe that is designed for plantar fasciitis should provide the support and motion control to help in both of these areas, and you should never pick a shoe that cannot deliver in these two areas.

Gait and Arch

Next you must take an accounting of the physical characteristics that will have an effect on the kind of running shoe you eventually buy, with special attention placed on your gait and the arch of your feet. You should already have a pretty-good idea of whether or not you have any issues in regard to your gait, as you doctor will most likely tell you this upon his or her physical examination.

Regardless, you should not hesitate to ask your physician if you are unsure, as this will play a significant role in determining the kind of running shoe you pick out.

The next most important physical characteristic that is essential for you to identify is the arch of your feet, as this will also play a substantial part in the kind of running shoe you choose. Your feet can either exhibit a flat arch, or a high arch, but more than likely they will fall somewhere in the middle of these two.

The arch of your foot will affect the kind of support you are going to need with any particular running shoe, as certain kinds of running shoes are designed for both extremes. By taking both of these into consideration in accordance with your own condition you should ensure that you eventually locate the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Make sure that you always extensively try out any particular running shoe before you decide to make a final purchase.

Specific Brands and Models of Running Shoes

The following running shoes are ideal for patients who may be suffering from mild to moderate cases of plantar fasciitis, and are divided according to pronation control.

Shoes w/ Mild Pronation Control

  • ASICS GT-2140
  • ASICS Gel Empire
  • ASICS Gel Kayano 15
  • Saucony Omni 6 Moderate
  • Saucony Progrid Hurricane 9 Running Shoe
  • New Balance 767
  • New Balance 1221
  • Nike Air Max Moto
  • Nike Shox TL3
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8
  • Brooks Trance 5
  • Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8

Shoes w/ Moderate Pronation Control

  • Adidas Supernova Sequence
  • ASICS Gel-Foundation 7
  • ASICS Gel Evolution 5
  • Saucony: 3D Grid Regulate
  • Saucony: Grid Stabil 6
  • New Balance 859 ST
  • Nike Equalon
  • Nike Zoom Nucleus
  • Brooks Addiction 6
  • Mizuno Wave Elixir

Shoes w/ Maximum Pronation Control

  • New Balance 1010/1011
  • Brooks Beast
  • Brooks Ariel
  • Mizuno Wave Renegade

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