Defining What Are Good Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

by David McCullough

Good shoes for plantar fasciitis are essentially any shoe that can provide the necessary level of comfort and support to the affected foot with the final goal of creating a healing environment that can hasten recovery times and alleviate pain.

Shoes that are flimsy, and weak simply will not be appropriate, as good shoes for plantar fasciitis are made with support in mind, and can therefore give the foot the strength it needs to avoid further injury. This is why getting athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis can be such a good idea, as these types of shoes are often very well designed with a strong overall build that can provide a high level of motion control and support.

The Bend Test

Because there are so many different models of athletic shoes on the market, it can sometimes be hard to determine exactly which pair of shoes to buy. A simple test that you can use to evaluate the level of strength and support a particular shoe may be able to provide has to do with lifting the shoe up while providing pressure at both ends with each hand.

If the shoe easily bends in half without much pressure then it probably isn’t a very good choice. If the shoe provides a substantial level of resistance then it may be able to provide the proper level of support that is correct for patients experiencing mild to moderate plantar fasciitis symptomatology.

Other Factors to Keep In Mind

Passing this simple test should only serve as a filtering step in the purchase process, as there are other critical factors that must be taken into consideration when searching for good shoes for plantar fasciitis. The first one having to do with the general fit of the shoe, and whether or not it feels good to wear during movement.

Getting a shoe that is very stiff may work fine to prevent further stress to the fascia, but if the shoe doesn’t fit well and feel good then further problems may arise later on down the road. This means that you should select a shoe that has the appropriate level of cushioning, and one that fits appropriately. You must take into account the shape of your foot and whether you have a very highly arched feet, and whether you have flat feet.

Some shoes simply won’t fit correctly if you fall on either end of this spectrum, and you don’t want to find out two weeks later via an outbreak about how the shoe you purchased was not designed for people with either highly arched feet, or flat feet. You also need to take into account any irregularities that you may have with your gait, as getting the wrong shoe that isn’t made for people with gait issues can further aggravate the fascia, causing even more pain over time. It is crucial that you think of these things when trying on shoes, and by doing so you should be able to eventually find a shoe that can help heal your case of plantar fasciitis.

Remember that the shoes you eventually purchase must be very supportive but comfortable at the same time. Finding a shoe that exhibits these two properties with regard to your own physical characteristics will be a pair that can hopefully allow you to operate on your feet but at the same time not create undue stress on the fascia.

Specific Models of Shoes

The following contains a brief list of shoes for plantar fasciitis that are divided according to the level of motion control they provide. These shoes are appropriate for patients who may be suffering from mild to moderate cases of plantar fasciitis.

Patients who may be suffering from severe cases of plantar fasciitis should seek professional medical treatment in order to gain some control over their condition.

Shoes w/ Mild Pronation Control

  • ASICS GT-2140
  • ASICS Gel Empire
  • ASICS Gel Kayano 15
  • Saucony Omni 6 Moderate
  • Saucony Progrid Hurricane 9 Running Shoe
  • New Balance 767
  • New Balance 1221
  • Nike Air Max Moto
  • Nike Shox TL3
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8
  • Brooks Trance 5
  • Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8

Shoes w/ Moderate Pronation Control

  • Adidas Supernova Sequence
  • ASICS Gel-Foundation 7
  • ASICS Gel Evolution 5
  • Saucony: 3D Grid Regulate
  • Saucony: Grid Stabil 6
  • New Balance 859 ST
  • Nike Equalon
  • Nike Zoom Nucleus
  • Brooks Addiction 6
  • Mizuno Wave Elixir

Shoes w/ Maximum Pronation Control

  • New Balance 1010/1011
  • Brooks Beast
  • Brooks Ariel
  • Mizuno Wave Renegade

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